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Frequently Asked Questions.

How Does Headshot Tools Work?

Headshot Tools works in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 - Add participants to any job using a customizable sign up form created automatically with every job or upload a CSV of participants names and emails.

Step 2 - Once participants are in the system, Headshot Tools talks to your tethering software to rename files with the subject’s name. Just double-click on a subject's name in the live queue and start shooting.

Step 3 - Now that your images are renamed, export them as jpegs or pngs. Headshot Tools will instantly upload those files while sorting them into individual, branded galleries, ready to deliver.

The best part is that Headshot Tools sends each participant an email with a link to their individual gallery. You can even allow your participants to download images with one click or select images for retouching. It’s that easy!

Do I Need Any Additional Software For Headshot Tools?

In order to use Headshot Tools, you will need a Windows or Mac computer with tethering software that supports the Clipboard Contents renaming token. We recommend Capture One or Tether Tools Smart Shooter. Please note that Capture One on iPad is not compatible at this time.

Headshot Tools Is Browser-Based. What Does That Mean?

This means that there is nothing to download or install and you will always have the latest features. Headshot Tools is optimized to be light and fast so that it works smoothly even with a slower internet connection or connected to a mobile hot-spot.

Do I Need To Shoot Tethered?

Tethering is an essential part of the Headshot Tools workflow. Shooting tethered into Capture One or Smart Shooter with Lightroom allows Headshot Tools to rename your images with the name of the subject you're shooting. Once renamed, Headshot Tools can create individual galleries and send emails to each subject with a link to their galleries. Shooting tethered makes that possible.

Does Headshot Tools Work With Lightroom?

Lightroom doesn’t currently have the clipboard Contents renaming token, so it does not work natively with Headshot Tools. We know that many photographers rely on Lightroom for their workflow so we suggest using Tether Tools Smart Shooter which can integrate seamlessly with Lightroom for tethering. If Smart Shooter is used, Lightroom can easily be incorporated into the Headshot Tools workflow.

Is Headshot Tools Right For My Business?

If you are a photographer that shoots headshots for 5 or 500+ people, Headshot Tools can help. It eliminates hours of tedious admin work and delivers an incredible experience to clients. It can replace multiple apps saving time and money whether you photograph team or event headshots once a month or once a week.

How Much Does Headshot Tools Cost?

During the Headshot Tools beta, users get access to all features and unlimited jobs, uploads, and storage for only $59/month with no commitment. Join Headshot Tools!

Can I Sell Retouching Within The Platform?

Absolutely! We offer the ability for participants to select any included images for retouching and also purchase any additional image retouching they like directly within their private gallery.

How Long Do Jobs Stay Active In Headshot Tools?

Jobs in Headshot Tools do not have any limit on time. Once you create a new job, it stays active, allowing you to manage it with your client in your own time. A job will not be deleted unless you cancel your subscription or you choose to delete the job.

What Kind Of Image Files Can I Upload To Headshot Tools?

Headshot Tools supports .jpg, .jpeg, and .png file formats up to 100MB per individual file with a maximum resolution of 89 megapixels. You can still shoot RAW with Headshot Tools, you just need to export .jpg or .png images for delivery to your clients per normal.

Is There A Free Trial?

While we currently don't offer a free trial, we have an extensive collection of tutorials and demonstrations on our Headshot Tools YouTube Channel. These videos provide a detailed overview of the software's setup and capabilities, allowing you to get a closer look at how Headshot Tools can benefit you. You can also join our Headshot Tools Facebook Group to ask real users what they think about the platform!

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