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Our Mission

Faced with multiple rejections from software companies regarding our vision for a comprehensive solution tailored specifically to headshot photographers, we took matters into our own hands. This determination led to the development of a singular, dependable platform focused on meeting the unique needs of headshot photographers.

Headshot Tools revolutionizes the way headshots are organized and delivered, freeing up valuable time and streamlining the entire process. It eliminates the need for multiple expensive apps and tedious manual tasks like filling out spreadsheets, renaming files, and sending countless emails.

Headshot Tools Technology

New Technology

Headshot Tools provides a seamless and intuitive experience for both photographers and clients alike. The user-friendly interface and efficient workflow make it effortless to organize, manage, and deliver headshots.

Photographers can easily upload their images, create customized individual galleries, and share them with clients in just a few clicks. Clients, in turn, enjoy a hassle-free experience where they can conveniently view and select their preferred headshots.

Experience the future of headshot management and join the ranks of photographers who are revolutionizing their workflow.

Our Team

Gary Hughes Headshot Tools Founder

Gary Hughes

Dave Kalmbach Headshot Tools Founder

Dave Kalmbach

Justin Oltz Headshot Tools Founder

Justin Oltz

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