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Most Headshot Photographers struggle to organize and deliver team and event headshots. They either do everything manually or home-brew a complex system combining multiple apps.

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Software For Team And Event Headshots

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Created by headshot photographers to solve the unique problems faced when shooting team and event headshot jobs. See below for just a few awesome features!

Sign-Up Forms

Customizable sign-up forms are created for each job automatically and you can easily import multiple participants from CSV files.

Headshot Software Signup Forms

Live Queuing

Shoot and manage your subjects via the Headshot Tools Queue. Simply double-click a subject to start shooting! That's It!

Headshot Queue Software

Auto File Renaming

Automatically rename your image files with your subject's name as you shoot. No more copying and pasting.

Headshot Renaming Software Example Photo


Headshot Renaming Software Example Photo


Headshot Renaming Software Example Photo


Smart Email Delivery

Deliver individual galleries directly to every subject’s inbox. Send emails instantly while shooting or after the job!

Headshot Image Delivery

Individual Galleries

All images are instantly sorted into individually branded, online galleries. People only see their own headshots!

Individual Headshot Galleries

Retouch Selection

Streamline your retouching workflow with built-in online proofing and image selection. You can even limit the number of choices!

Headshot Retouching Selection


Easily sell image retouching to participants in their individual galleries. Accept Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more!

Headshot Software Retouching Payments

Proudly Compatible With

Capture One

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Smart Shooter + Lightroom

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